I’m a Software Engineer & UX aficionado based in Aarhus London. Working @Acuris.

№ 1 About

I am Software Engineer with focus on mobile development, web development and UX optimisation, or in one word, a geek.

My past experiences and working on projects for clients around the world allowed me to develop a wide variety of skills, equipping me with the ability to manage projects on time and (usually) under budget.

I build efficient and recyclable front-end and back-end components for mobile and web using JavaScript, React Native, React, Redux, NodeJs, Express, Meteor, MongoDb, AngularJS, Ionic, HTML5/CSS3, LESS, Underscore, jQuery, Git and npm (plus many others).

Experienced in mobile and web design and UX optimisation, I also design mobile and web apps.

A big fan of simple, clean code, minimalistic design and of the modern JavaScript libraries and tooling.

For code samples visit my GitHub account here. Design samples you can find below.

№ 2 Background

Before moving to Denmark in 2010, I lived in Suceava, Romania, where I began my journey. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Horsens, Denmark, studying ICT Engineering, an interdisciplinary degree with the focus on the development and management of information systems.

After receiving the Bachelor’s degree, I shorty began my Master’s degree in Aarhus, Denmark. I studied Computer Engineering, a degree with a curriculum with a focus in software engineering.

In 2011, I began my freelance career working on small design and prototyping projects. Later on, I began working on web and software development projects.

At the beginning of 2013, I began my career at Level11, a small Horsens-based start-up, developing software using ASP.NET, PHP and the Umbraco CMS.

In September of 2013, I left Level11 to start working for Aarhus University, where I helped designing and developing an educational platform, scienceathome.org, as a Student Full-Stack Developer & UX Designer, working there with PHP, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3 and MySQL. I stayed with AU until my Bachelor’s graduation in February 2014.

Since June 2014, I worked for Cetrea, a Danish healthcare start-up, as a Software Developer & UX Designer, where I wrote modular components using JavaScript, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, Less, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, among others. I also helped wire-framing, designing high-fidelity prototypes and writing design solution descriptions for the Front-End department.

In August 2016, I left Aarhus for London, starting a job as a Lead Software Engineer for Future First, working with JavaScript (ES6), Meteor, AngularJS, MongoDb, Angular Material, Less, HTML5/CSS3, Underscore, among others. I also architected and managed internal projects while line managing one in-house developer and outsourced staff.

In September 2017, I left Future First and started working as a Mobile Software Engineer at OVO Energy on customer-facing native apps with React Native, Redux, Flow, RxJS, Jest, xCode, Android Studio, Mixpanel, Fabric, Apple Store (iTunes Connect + Test Flight), Google Play Store, among others.

After launching the new OVO Energy app developed in React Native and other great technologies, I joined 90poe in August 2018 to help in their efforts to build a suite of maritime fleet management solutions, focusing on mobile development with React Native and code sharing between mobile and web. After finishing this project by setting up a lerna monorepo with single-spa for React apps along with a testing strategy, Flow and Webpack 4, I have improved and optimised a React Native app before joining Acuris in December 2018. At Acuris I’m working on a React Native app serving real-time data in the form of a news feed.


№ 3 Design

№ 4 Skills

Core skills
Software development (JavaScript, React Native, React, Redux, Node.js + Express, Meteor, AngularJS, Ionic, MongoDB, Angular Material, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, git, npm, gulp)
UI design with Adobe Photoshop & Sketch
UX optimization
Mobile development (React Native, Ionic)
Other skills
Branding (Logo, Business Card & more)
CMS Dev (Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Umbraco, Joomla)
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects
Illustration design with Adobe Illustrator

№ 5 Say Hello!

I am available for projects!

If you want to acquire my services, start by leaving me a message describing your requirements, timeline, budget and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Georgian-Sorin Maxim
London, United Kingdom

+44 7708593451


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